Crestview Capital Reports Record Performance in 2023 and 2024

Grand News Network | February 16, 2024

Singapore, 16th Feb 2024 - Crestview Capital, a leading investment firm based in Singapore, announced today that it has achieved its best performing year since the pandemic started, with a remarkable return of 30% in 2023 and an estimated return of 35% in 2024. 

Crestview Capital attributed its stellar performance to its strategic investments in artificial intelligence (AI), industrials, and healthcare sectors, which have shown strong resilience and growth potential amid the global crisis. The firm has invested in some of the most innovative and disruptive AI companies, such as AlphaSense, DeepMind, and OpenAI, as well as in some of the most established and reliable industrial and healthcare companies, such as General Electric, Amazon, NVidia and Microsoft. 

Crestview Capital's Co-founder and CEO, John Wilson said: "We are very proud of our results, which reflect our ability to adapt and thrive in a challenging and uncertain environment. We have been able to leverage our expertise and network in the international markets, especially the American ones, to identify and capitalize on the most promising opportunities in the AI, industrials, and healthcare sectors. We are confident that we will continue to deliver outstanding value for our investors and partners in the future." 

Crestview Capital is a leading investment firm based in Singapore that offers its clients access to a diversified portfolio of global assets, with a focus on the American markets. The firm has been operating in Asia since 2020, providing its clients with high returns and low risk through its expertise in various sectors, such as technology, healthcare, energy, and consumer goods. The firm has a target size of $1 billion and aims to invest in 50 to 60 companies over the next five years. 

Investors who are interested in learning more about Crestview Capital and its investment opportunities can visit its website at or contact its investor relations team at 

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